Who is Paws and Purrs Rescue, INC.?
Paws and Purrs Rescue, INC. is an all volunteer, not for profit animal rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of cats, dogs, and other small domestic animals. Our volunteers foster all animals in our homes, we do not have a shelter.

Will Paws and Purrs Rescue, INC. euthanize animals?
Except for where state laws prevails, Paws and Purrs Rescue, INC. will only euthanize in the following cases:

  1. Debilitating, untreatable illness
  2. Serious injury without reasonable hope of recovery
  3. Extreme behavioral issues
  4. Complications of old age that make it cruel to continue life

All animals deserve the best quality of life, PNPR will do our best to give them this.

Where does Paws and Purrs Rescue, INC. get their dogs and cats from?
Most dogs are pulled from Southern high kill shelters, however, Paws and Purrs Rescue, INC. does pull from local shelters when there are suitable animals and foster homes.

Most cats are strays or feral kittens that have been rehabilitated. We don’t typically take owner surrenders.

What counties will Paws and Purrs Rescue, INC. adopt to?
We will travel anywhere within  100 miles of Rochester to find the best homes for our dogs and cats, the county does not matter!

What is a feral cat?
A feral cat is a cat who has either never had any contact with people or contact with people has diminished over time. They are not socialized to people and survive on their own outdoors. Most feral cats are not likely to ever become lap cats or enjoy living indoors. Feral cats do have homes-outdoors!

How long have feral cats lived amount people?
Outdoor cats have existed alongside humans for 10,000 years; they are not a new phenomenon to society. They are the same species as house cats and therefore protected under state animal anti-cruelty laws. They live and thrive in every landscape, from the inner city to rural farmland. Since feral cats are not adoptable, they should not be brought to animal pounds and shelters, because they will most likely be killed there.

What is the difference between a stray cat and a feral cat?
Stray cats are socialized to people and can be adopted into homes, but feral cats are not socialized to people and are happy living outdoors.

What is a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)?
Trap-Neuter-Return is the humane, effective approach for feral cats. Feral cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped (the universal symbol of a neutered and vaccinated cat), and then returned to their outdoor home. Socialized cats and kittens are adopted into homes. They colony’s population stabilizes–no more kittens! Trap-Neuter-Return improves their lives and their relations with the community: the behaviors and stresses associated with mating stops.

Adoption Fees: Our adoption fees vary depending on the type of animal, the age and vetting services they have received. The fee covers our cost for boarding, transportation, medical, spay/neuter, food, foster care and the fee we pay to rescue from high kill shelters. Please email with questions, pawsandpurrsrescue@hotmail.com.